Francesca Possati was born on December 26th 1988, in Bologna, Italy. She moved to London in 2016 and started to draw as self-taught in 2017, focusing on graphite and colour pencil portraits and always aiming at the most realistic she could get. Later on in the same year Francesca discovered a talent for acrylic and then other media such as watercolours, pastels and she also works with digital art. Francesca began to work on commission in 2018 and she has being in demand since then.

Francesca’s artworks cover a wide range of subjects including her own portraits, journeys, experiences and the experiences of her customers. The realistic style combined with the creativity and versatility of the artist leads to a deep research and representation of the truth, exploring feelings and emotions through each stroke.

“(My)Family and the sea” colour pencil drawing

“I am a professional artist and I work with different media, using the highest quality tools that make the artwork last pretty much forever. I am a fan of classical realism and that’s where my work takes inspiration from. I also love expressionism and surrealism and I highly appreciate photorealism and hyperrealism as I recognize and acknowledge the amount of hard work and discipline behind it so I don’t just simply judge it “like a photo”. Buying my artwork means not only buying something visually pleasant, but also having a piece of my quite unique personal and professional journey.” 

“The doodle swirls (handmade) are something I’ve started to draw non stop in secondary school (I guess?) and continued to do so in high school on desks, pissing off teachers. For some reason I had this urge to draw them and I never figured out why I just couldn’t stop filling entire pages, once I’d start. Alongside with other casual drawings here and there, I felt that there was something more behind it, but where I come from I never felt really free to express myself that much...also the stereotype of the “crazy starving artist” is so real that makes you believe you actually are one, or you will be. So I just chose other more standard paths and I never felt entirely complete, up until I’ve finally transformed those “insignificat”doodle swirls in the creations you see now and in my little business. And I’ve come full circle(the circle in the logo) with what I’ve always secretly wanted to do.”

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