Certificate of Authenticity(COA) with logo ink stamp+full name signature to accompany every artwork and/or print. Included in every order 👩‍🎨

My artworks are made with PROFESSIONAL HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS that will garantee longevity, including brands like: Faber Castell, Caran d'Ache, Clairfontaine, Strathmore, Arches, Winsor & Newton, Micheal Hardings, ...

I create realistic artworks not only true to the subjects in the photo, but enhanced and adjusted with vibrancy, highlights and contrasts to give the artwork depth and character.

Guidelines & Pricelist

Commission prices vary from SIZE of the artwork, NUMBER and/or COMPLEXITY of the subjects and/or background and the MEDIUM used.

- It is CRUCIAL to have a good resolution/non-blurry picture. I will guide you through the process of choosing the best picture, the ideal size and the ideal medium for it.

- An UPFRONT NON-REFUNDABLE payment of 30% or 50% is required before starting the work, the rest to be paid just upon completion of the artwork.


-ADDITIONAL CHARGE of a minimum of £50 for any extra work requested half way or upon completion of the work.

The prices are before the SHIPPING cost, which will include a PACKAGING that, to be damage proof, normally requires between half hour ad an hour of work, depending on the size of the artwork, if it’s framed, etc. Packaging will also include wrapping paper and tie bow.


20x20 cm - ideal for portrait close up of face, no background or soft blurry one --> £100

18x24 cm - ideal for portrait close up with also a bit of body, simple background or soft blurry one--> £120

21x29.7 cm (A4) or 22x 30,5 cm: ideal for bigger subjects in close up of both face and body or more small subjects--> from £200

( +£50/100 depending on level of details, number of subjects, background etc..)


30x40/42 cm (A3) - ideal for bigger subjects and more than one subject depending on photo ref size--> from £350

( +£50/100 depending on details, number or subjects, background etc..)

40/45x 50/55 cm (A2) - ideal for bigger subjects, more than one subject (up to 3-4 subjects ,depending on photo ref size) --> from £650

( +£50/100 depending on details, number of subjects, background etc..)

Same prices for ACRYLIC and OIL except for the minimum price which starts from £250 for small sizes (from 20x20 to A4)

For GRAPHITE (black and white) prices can be lower depending on the picture and the size. Please quote/ask/DM/mail.

NOTE: For bigger sizes or sizes you won't find here -> quote/ask/DM/mail. In some cases the photo reference might need cut/resizing, according to the size chosen and for a better result.


minimum price(A4 size)—> £30 no mount, £ 40 with mount

The prices are not exclusive and can be subjected to variations depending on the photo reference and how detailed are the subjects.

For WILDLIFE commissions the price can be higher due to the complexity of the subject (for example lions, leopards, tigers, etc.) Also they are my favourite subjects and they have a big value for me.


For any enquiries go to CONTACT page or head on to my social media and DM me ;)