"Fusion" series (2020)

"The 4 pieces of the series represent the 4 different seasons. They all involve a visceral (literal and metaphorical) connection between human and nature. I've chosen what I consider the most significant body parts, not just in terms of their anatomical function, but also their more emotional aspect. Flamingo is an exotic animal with bright colours and so I've chosen it to represent the summer season. I've created a composition in which their body shape fits perfectly with the shape and the position of the lungs. Breathing is affected by our emotions and in our vocabulary there are so many idioms referring to how this makes us feel.. I wanted to evoke a sense of lightness and freedom, also brought by the connection with nature. Ultimately this freedom is also represented in the feather held in my hands so gently... that summarise the purpose of my art which is expressing and showing a bit of myself, but carefully. It's an end of a season cycle that anticipate a new beginning where then things are slowly changing and falling, (imagine the feathers flying in the wind and then falling to the ground, to die while nurture it. Like a big change which is necessary for us to grow..) 

"Flamingo Lungs"

"Autumn on you"

The hand of "Autumn on you" could have catched that feather, symbol of a personal message and again, of an upcoming change... and while it dies, autumn leaves grow on the hand as a sign of this changing taking over, while the finger tip is almost reaching a drop which can be both rain(frequent in aumtumn) and a teardrop, ultimate symbol of either release or struggle, both associated with changes.

"Glacier Heart"

And there comes the winter, where everything seems dead and frozen in time... literally. Glaciers have been part of my last 4 winters travelling between Iceland and Svalbard, where I have felt this deep connection with that cruel but incredibile nature, which allows you to hear nothing but your own thoughts. And what's deeper and more emotional than that?! Also my now fiancè proposed to me the day we went around Svalbard glaciers in the coldest temperature registered of the year. So a lifetime experience both freezing cold and heartwarming... This for all those stuck with the summer because it's "easier" and warm...I found more magic and emotions in winter landscapes.. which literally bids your bloodstream.. and makes you feel nothing but alive, in contrast with what it has always been represented as dead, while it's actually just "hybernated" waiting for that change to happen and "warm" your life back again. This what "Glacier heart" represents.

"Flower shower"

And then the "Flower shower" that depics me blindfolded by beautiful bright pink flowers(and the bright colours of the flamingo subject return but in a more vivid /stand out way,like the blooming explosion of flowers in spring) Eyes do not see what's happening... like a moment of total euphoria in which you just need to enjoy and "clean" yourself from the past, embracing a new life, a new year, a new everything.... ultimately this series is representing how art, real love and nature together have changed my life."