"A sunset in London" 21x30cm watercolour on watercolour paper £150

"Magnolia Sky" 40x50 cm oil on canvas paper +frame £450

“Leopard” 30x40cm acrylic on linen

£ 450

“White tiger” 30x40 cm acrylic on linen


“Cheetah” 24x24cm pastel on pastelmat


“Snow Leopard” 50x70cm pastel on pastelmat


“Crocodile rock” 30x40cm pastel on pastelmat

£ 290

“Panda” 62x75cm acrylic on linen

£ 1990

“Silver Splash” 30x40cm pastel and silver leaf on pastelmat

£ 390

“The King of the Artic” 24x30cm pastel on pastelmat

£ 300

“The King-in Gold” 23x30 cm colour pencil and gold leaf

£ 270

“The Lone Tree” 62x75cm acrylic on panel

£ 1090

“Svalbard glacier” 62x75cm acrylic on linen

£ 2990

“Swallow Falls” 22x30cm colour pencil and acrylic on professional black paper

£ 200

“South Stack Lighthouse” 30x40cm watercolour on watercolour paper

£ 200

"Sydney's dolphin"

20x20cm acrylic on canvas £100

"Champagne pools"

19.5x29.5 cm acrylic on canvas £150

Sold together: £220